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Welcome to our free Self-Realization site offering the work of James D. Wray, PhD, astronomer, author and educator on Self-Realization as everyone's everyday experience of consciousness awareness, and on the surprisingly practical nature of real self liberation.  Our goal is to disseminate these works freely, and as widely available as possible for the benefit of all peoples everywhere. 

Even so, You should know that just being here on this site places you among a very, very rare catagory of person, one in ten million actually, so we hope it clicks with you that you and this site are now at a very rare convergence of potentially great significance to you especially, and that you take just the moment you need right now to bookmark this site so you can get back here many more times, as you will need to in order to entirely absorb the full life changing significance of what you are going to find presented for you here, if you take advantage of it as we sincerely hope you will.   

First thing, unless you are already familiar with your fundamental Consciousness-Awareness nature, you may want to visit Oh My God - OMG, I'm So Glad You Actually Found This for a Direct Introduction to your own Fundamental Consciousness-Awareness Nature.  Then return (Back) here to go on to read the in-depth Self-Realization text where you can gain confidence in your awareness of Awareness, in pure Consciousness-Awareness, and in your own discovery and practice of Self Liberation, a remarkable means of dealing with powerful obstructing mental interferences and negative emotions.  

 You can read the entire text of  Self-Realization - One's Own Journey from Self to Self Liberation in the World of Today right here , and discover your own undying fundamental nature as you Self-Realize Now your essential Consciousness Awareness Being. 

All Chapters are now available here free of charge.  You can also obtain a Paperback book version of this text if you prefer.  We sincerely wish for you to read this material from beginning to end.  If you do you will be amazed to find how easy it is to discover your real-time common ground with not only everyone, but with every living being as well, your fundamental consciousness-awareness that you are using 24/7, even as you read these words. 

Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness, ordinarily misinterpreted by hypnotic association with the physical object world as an apparent surface covering, its "dis-covery" or release of its attachment to an assumed surface of the physical world, allows you to recognize and identify with it as your own true fundamental consciousness-awareness nature of Being.  

We are actually living this condition in each and every moment whether we realize it or not.   Realizing it from the perspective of always present in-your-face moment to moment consciousness awareness, as one's actual moment to moment conscious experience,  amounts to realizing our own self-nature, Self-Realization. 

The biggest problem with recognizing it is the fact that we automatically, by default, associate the consciousness display that appears projected onto the object world, like a covering over it, to be the underlying object world itself, rather than the consciousness display it actually is, thereby missing out on the moment to moment experience of our own real nature as this ongoing complete consciousness-awareness experience itself. 

Once we become self-realized, recognizing all our experience as actually appearing, abiding in, and disappearing from our immortal consciousness-awareness we realize that all appearances eventually "self-liberate" themselves from consciousness without us necessarily doing anything about it.   

Thus we come to realize that not only can we be beneficially creative with consciousness-awareness activity, but we can also simply allow the discordant  considerations to self-liberate.    When combined with the thesis that this consciousness-awareness is deathless in its own fundamental nature, a nature we can readily come to identify with through identifying with our clearly present awareness, Self-Realization as pure consciousness-awareness can be truly and fundamentally life- transforming. 

Here Self-Realization is presented in the context of living in, and contributing in positive and constructive ways to, our modern technological world as readily as in contributing to the reduction of poverty and suffering that remains endemic to much of our world even now.   This modern context has room and meaning for all of us, so please accept our invitation to pursue this enlightened perspective for you yourself to come to your own understanding and self-realization, an investment in time and thoughtful introspection that could end up rewarding you and those you come into contact with for lifetimes to come with the innate experience of immeasurable equanimity, compassion, loving kindness and joy, radiantly self luminous throughout All Enlightened Consciousness Awareness Being. 

You can continue with your own 
Self-Realization, One's Own Journey from Self to Self-Liberation right here.   

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Why Self Realize Now?

We naturally take everything for granted; our names, our bodies, our very lives are automatically assumed to be just as they are, and we assume we will live pretty much like we are right now for a very long time to come. 

Like Romeo and Juliet tragically misread their situations, so do we also tragically misread the situations of our own bondings with our own body-minds.  Amazingly we think we have been spared the likes of their tragedy, when in reality we too are missing in life the blissful fulfillment of the potential of our existence even though we are already one with the source of our own inexpressible experience. 

Blindly ignoring our nature, even with our eyes wide open, we come ever closer to death with each passing moment. 

Why??  Because this body-brain, built on the pattern of its DNA code, has beguiled us into believing we are it.  Ignoring our fundamental nature is by definition a kind of ignorance, but going on to identify instead with a body-brain that has only its own DNA based interests in mind is unmitigated ignorance that goes beyond the pall. 

Yes, ignorance beyond the pall, because it is an ignorance that goes beyond death itself, driving us on in its grip into the very depths of hell.  How else can you come to realize that your body-brain, rather than being you, rather than being your friendly servant vehicle, is actually in its own subtle clever way your own worst enemy? 

Your body-brain is not what ends up in heaven or hell when it dies, even though its instincts drive you towards the latter.  Your body-brain is not what reincarnates when you take your next rebirth.  It is your subtle energy bodies that you have right now that go on with you to heaven or hell and take rebirth, not at your command, but in whatever state they have been conditioned through body-brain DNA survival driven habits to relate to, such as pillage, rape and plunder, sneak, cheat and lie, smug in their dominearing disregard for others. 

Forgiven? Definitely you may have been forgiven, or even given a free pass to a heaven of faire maidens, but have the subtle vehicles you are riding along in also been forgiven,  and isn't the heaven of faire maidens just another clever DNA driven desire based ruse, a truly fatal attraction?  Have your subtle vehicles been freed of their strongly programmed habits simply because of pleasant wishful thinking, your body-brain's wishful thinking? 

Are you, Awareness of all you are experiencing, in the driver's seat for all this, or are you just along for the ride, with your vehicles on uncontrolled automatic DNA driven seek and react mode? 

Why do you sit there thinking you are the person sitting there instead of the Awareness that you actually are? 

Because you don't remember any of this from before?? 

Perhaps you and I don't remember, but many people do remember, sometimes vaguely and sometimes as utter stark reality.

Do you remember what went on with you, what you were aware of, before you took this present birth?  If not, do we need to know this?  Have you ever walked into a shopping center and not known how you got there?  Not known where you came from?  Not known why you are there?  What would you do?  How would you manage to even function properly without knowing, with such ignorance?  Yet that is exactly our present situation. 

We don't know who or what we are or where we came from or how or why we got here in the first place.  Even our blessed mothers could not answer that for us, even if we knew enough to ask the question, because it is something we have to know ourselves. 

We have to know who and what we are, and how we get around and why and where we are going, in death and in rebirth ourselves, exactly like we have to know ourselves how we got to the shopping center, why we went to that particular shopping center when we did, and where we were and what we were doing when we decided to depart for there in the first place.  THAT IS WHY we need to Self-Realize Now!!

Fortunately for us, fortunately indeed, there are those who have developed their awareness of their self-nature and how they function to the point of knowingly conducting themselves through this dreamlike wilderness with attentive awareness and wisdom-based intention to arrive in their next embodiment ready to proceed with it already Self-Realized and motivated to help others find their own way as well.  Among these are the Tulkus of Tibetan Buddhism, and all the other Fully Aware Rebirths who are with us on this planet even today, who are defining through both the continuity of precious enduring lineages of teaching and practice, and the newly emerging individual cases of enlightenment, such as Eckhart Tolle, a global movement towards what we may well come to embrace as a New Buddhism, bringing a new wave of Self-Realization and Self-Liberation to all beings of our world of today who yearn to be free. . 

These have set the example, showing us that the unthinkable is not only possible, but is in fact practical and doable for each of us, and in this very lifetime, if we but recognize the need and realize the reality of this possibility, that we make our own determination and committment to SELF-REALIZE NOW!!!

Welcome!!  Let's see how we might proceed with this by looking into the Self-Realization text.


This work is about discovering our fundamental nature as timeless Conscious Being, and how this fundamental nature IS the very actuality of our present moment to moment day in day out "ordinary" conscious experience.                                        


01  The World We Live In                                      
We live in constant interaction with the physical world of material objects. This interaction of our physical body-brain with the material objects of the world is mediated through our Conscious Awareness, continuously active in displaying this interactive experience. 

02  Appearances and Awareness
Appearances are the visual scenes which we are aware of. Awareness of Appearances is a direct experience associated with the vision process.  This experience is “direct” because Awareness directly apprehends Appearances in Consciousness as they arise or form as a result of the subtle vision processes.  It is important to realize that the Appearances arising as Luminous Consciousness Display are not the physical light images detected by the retina of the eye.

03  Manifestations in Consciousness

Consciousness, pure and empty, is the unbounded infinite potential base for the arising of Appearances, or more generally what we term "Manifestations" in Consciousness, ie sound, feeling, flavor, fragrance, thought, "ego", even Awareness, our essential sense of self.
Every Manifestation that arises to Awareness in Consciousness quickly takes on an apparently objective nature. We automatically, "hypnotically", mis-take the mere Appearance to be the actual material object. This mis-taking occurs as Awareness "attaches to" the Appearance, becoming involved with and lost into the Appearance. 

04  Discovering the Hypnosis

The Hypnosis can be discovered either indirectly by reasoning how the vision process works and noting that we apprehend "objects" instead of an appearance of "display", or by realizing fuzzy or double appearances cannot be the condition of the physical object itself.

05  Breaking the Hypnosis

Breaking the hypnosis is difficult, but can be done in a number of ways. One way is to hold the focus of attentive Awareness in the Clear Empty Space immediately in front of the observer, relaxing one's eyes so they lose focus on the background scene, which then splits into double images. Noting these double images without refocussing on them, one contemplates that they cannot possibly be the actual physical object, even though it must be "out there" somewhere, evidently not directly visible at all.  In this way one gains confidence in the fact that we are actually seeing merely a Consciousness Display.  Experiencing the display in its actual Conscioiusness nature, one enters into the state of nirvana.

06  Appearances and Concepts

Appearances arise naturally as modulations in otherwise pure Clear undisturbed Consciousness. These modulations are driven by the very subtle energies of the very subtlest of our vehicles, mental and spiritual.  Always arising in the first moment are the pure Appearances, lacking even dimessionality, and conveying their "oneness" with their Consciousness essence. In successive moments, as Awareness attaches and re-cognition occurs, conceptual notions are added and the Appearance takes on its conceptually mistaken sense of objectivity. 

07  The Problem with Concepts 

These unrealized conceptual add-ons become the basis of the hypnotic "illusion", "maya" of mistaken reality, known as "samsara".
There are at least four ways that concepts may become problematic:

1. (Incorrect) auto-asignment of Reality to concepts (The Great Mistaking)

2. DNA code repetitious prioritization of conceptual context (primarily regarding survival and reproduction of the DNA code)

3. One concept leads to yet another concept.

4. Concepts and conceptual contexts arise as "other", veiling the fundamental Consciousness nature of the entire experential process and its Oneness with Awareness - self.

08  Everyone has the same Problems

Clearly the problem with conceptualization originating from habitual response to DNA coded survival and reproduction behavior applies not only to everyone, but actually to every sentient being.  The problem is we unwittingly let the DNA code driven brain set our agendas, thinking we are that brain, when in fact the brain is only our instrument, our unruly vehicle with an agenda of its own. Realizing we are Consciousness Awareness, entrained in our array of vehicles, gross to subtle to very subtle, we become aware of our relationship with them and can begin to deal directly with the problems ignorance of our fundamental nature can cause.

09  Awareness of Awareness

Incredible as it may seem, it is possible to turn our attention directly towards our own fundamental nature as Awareness.  Mentally intoning "" without assigning a final object for Awareness to grasp onto and become lost in, one can leave Awareness in a condition of heightened expectancy where it can be immediately cognized.  Also Awareness can be cognized by simply remaining attentive to the Clear Empty Space and identifying Awareness of it. This approach then develops into Realizing Awareness as self-arising in and of the Clear Empty Consciousness itself, which establishes the self as Awareness in Oneness with the Source as Clear Consciousness.

10  Stabilizing Awareness of Awareness

By holding awareness of Awareness diligently in its merger with the Clear space-like Consciousness appearance, it becomes briefly stabilized.  Also, by holding the focus of Awareness off of the apparent surface of the Consciousness Manifestations (ie Display of Appearances), Awareness has no target other than itself merged in pure Consciousness on which to focus.  By relaxing the eyes at the same time, defocussing and doubling of the Appearance display, the hypnosis is broken and Awareness of Awareness in Oneness with Clear Consciousness (Source) can be retained indefinitely. 
11  Expanding Awareness of Awareness

In the nonconceptual state of Awareness of Awareness, the visual display of Appearances readily widens to the full peripheral field of view, and one easily holds the Appearance as purely Oneness of Consciousness Awareness Display. This is going beyond both samsara and nirvana.

12  Liberating Concepts
13  The CLEAR
14 The CLEAR in relation to the world’s Great Religions
15  Adjusting the Self-Concept
16  Vehicles of Awareness other than the Physical Body
17  Liberating the Self-Concept
18  Self-Liberation and Self-Realization
19 Song for Self-Realization
20  The Arising of Fundamental Compassion
21 The Dark-Side of the DNA Code Entrapment needs Compassion Too
22  Awareness of Awareness in the Dream State
23  Working with Vehicles of Awareness
24  Practice in Becoming Awareness of Consciousness Awareness in the Waking State
25  Practices in Being Awareness of Consciousness  Awareness in the Waking State

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